Rehabilitation and Exercise Groups at SASMC

Rehabilitation and Exercise

Effective rehabilitation starts with a detailed individual assessment. This identifies key areas that need attention, whether that be strengthening, mobilisation or other strategies. We have developed our rehabilitation facilities around a Pilates base. Add to that Functional training regimes using the Kinetic Link Training (KLT) program, resistance bands, free weights and pin-loaded resistance, a more complete outcome is possible.

For some areas, such as the lower back and hips, our physiotherapists use real-time ultrasound instruction (RTUS) so that you can actually see the deep muscles working, which reinforces the technique.

One to one instruction ensures that clients perform the exercise technique correctly and when ready the client will progress into the small rehab groups (maximum of six per group). These groups are always supervised by a physiotherapist and we hold these classes at various times every day, except Sunday. In the classes clients follow their own specific exercise program and can seek assistance from the physiotherapist at any time. We encourage clients to review their program with their physiotherapist in a one-on-one consultation every four to six weeks.

The cost to attend these classes on a casual basis is $32.00/class. We also offer blocks of classes on a pre-payment basis, costs for these classes are: 5 classes - $140.00 ($28.00/class) and 10 classes - $250.00 ($25.00/class). Private health rebates apply. 

These classes are covered by Return To Work SA and the Motor Accident Commission for approved clients. 

For further information, please contact our reception on 8211 8002 or make an Assessment Consultation with any of our physiotherapists via the ‘Book an Appointment’ portal on this website. 

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