There are many reasons people have problems with their shoulders.  The shoulder joint is a very flexible joint and it is asked to do a lot of work, putting much strain through the joints and ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Some injuries to the shoulder are traumatic, such as a fracture or dislocation. Others are related more to overload or wear and tear and some shoulder pain can be referred from the neck and upper back. So you can see that it may take some time from an experienced doctor or physiotherapist to uncover what is wrong with your shoulder and what factors are contributing to it.  Only once this is done can an effective treatment plan be developed.  This may involve seeking more information from a scan or x-ray or being referred to an orthopaedic specialist. 

The physiotherapists at SA Sports Medicine Centre take their time to take a detailed history, assess all of the factors needed to understand your shoulder problem and then sit down with you and plan an effective treatment strategy.  Some of our physiotherapists work with leading shoulder surgeons in Adelaide and assist them with their post-surgical rehabilitation programmes.

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