Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) Biofeedback

Our Physios are trained to use RTUS to assess and retrain the deep stabilisers of the core, lower back and deep hip. In the core, we look at the Transverse Abdominis muscle.  Transverse Abdominis has been shown to be inhibited following back and pelvic pain. 

Retraining the deep core stabilisers, especially Transverse Abdominis, has been shown to reduce back pain and prevent recurrences of back pain. In the lower back we retrain the deep Lumbosacral Multifidus. Similarly to Transverse Abdominis, this muscle is often inhibited with acute and chronic lower back pain. We also retrain the deep stabilising muscles of the hip – Iliacus, deep Gluteus Medius and Minimus, and Obturator Externus – using the protocols developed by hip expert, Alison Grimaldi. 

We have found clients with lumbopelvic and hip problems benefit from early deep activation training and are then able to progress to classes involving Pilates and Functional Strength Training with greater stability and awareness.

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