Hip Pelvis Groin

Accurate diagnosis in the groin and hip region is essential for the right treatment program – hip labral tears and impingement, osteoarthritis, gluteal tendinopathy or trochanteric pain syndrome, osteitis pubis and adductor tendinopathy (sporting groin) all need different management. 

Our Sports Medicine Doctors can assess and investigate to get to an accurate diagnosis. 

Our Physiotherapists work on lumbopelvic hip biomechanics with soft tissue and manual therapy and individual exercise programs (Pilates and Functional Strength training).

Isometric and eccentric training is used for tendon problems.  Supervised programs are the best way to go in our well-equipped gym but home based programs can be provided.  Massage therapy from Synergy Health is a great adjunct to restore muscle balance and decompress the hips.

If your problem is not quite back pain and not quite hip pain you probably need your pelvis checked.  There is evidence for pain in the sacroiliac and pubic joints and that the pelvic  joints move in some people to a ripe old age.

The primary requirement for the pelvis, however, is stability.  At Adelaide Sports Physiotherapy the physios are trained in the mechanical assessment of the pelvis and restoring balance and stability through Muscle Energy Techniques, soft tissue techniques and exercise programs specific for the pelvis.

The main goal is often to help the sacroiliac joints to move into the close pack stable position of the sacral nutation and innominate posterior rotation, and stabilisation of the pubic symphysis.


Hip Pelvic Groin


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