Holistic approach to treating back pain combining hands on treatment, exercise programs, education and advice by experienced physiotherapists in Adelaide. South Australian Sports Medicine Centre - Back Pain

Back Pain

Back Pain

Effective treatment of back pain is based on our comprehensive examination as well as a biomecanical holistic approach.  Our treatment includes manual therapy, massage, dry needling, individual exercise programs and pain management.  We develop individual prescribed programs incorporating functional strength training, Kinetic Link Training, Pilates and weight training as required.

Our examination and planning for the most effective treatment programs involve using real time ultrasound and other biofeedback techniques to train specific muscles such as transversus abdominus.  Research has shown that this type of assesment is essential for re-training lumbopelvic stability.  Back pain is most effectively treated with the right combination of hands on treatment, exercise prescription, education and advice and  our physiotherapists are experts in providing this.

The following videos show how you can incorporate Core Strengthening and Kinetic Link Training into your program.

Kinetic Link Training

Core Strengthening